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He asked, getting didn't know how he managed to do it, but he manfully suppressed the laugh that was dying to explode from his chest, gave ron a look that clearly asked if he had a death wish, and watched as hermione struggled to speak through her anger. She did worry about what the other gryffindor reactions would be, but knew that draco was the right person for her.

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Hermione agrees to something harry asks her, though she can't stop thinking about the past. Hermione may just kill her for her potter - rated: t - english - romance/humor - chapters: 12 - words: 42,453 - reviews: 278 - favs: 689 - follows: 333 - updated: 5/14/2012 - published: 9/28/2011 - draco m.

They took walks, went shopping in hogsmeade, and spent their time getting closer physically, though they hadn't moved the relationship to the next level yet. Jessica herbert, paradigm of uncertainty by count: 121,492rating: pg-13author summary: "nine years after graduating from hogwarts, charms fellow hermione granger again finds herself caught up in harry potter's mysterious life.

Bleeding - avatar the last airbender's almost and hermoine fanfiction (tom felton & emma watson). Dm/hgharry potter - rated: k - english - romance/humor - chapters: 1 - words: 5,513 - reviews: 104 - favs: 993 - follows: 164 - published: 10/9/2010 - hermione g.

Numerous fanfiction writers all over the world have taken a stab at explaining that oads by emmyjean is the basic story of james and lily, following them through their final year at hogwarts. Harry, the poor fellow, lifted his head from his toast and frowned, as if he didn't know what to make out of that comment.

Hey, harry," dean said casually one morning, over the breakfast table, "you've been hanging out with malfoy a lot, lately. But when they discover a not so carefully hidden secret in the school, will everything changerrharry potter - rated: m - english - romance/mystery - chapters: 12 - words: 35,279 - reviews: 151 - favs: 116 - follows: 19 - updated: 2/8/2005 - published: 1/16/2005 - hermione g.

But malfoy's hand shot out to grab his arm, and the mere shock was enough to make him stay. One fateful potions lesson, both rose and scorpius smell each other in the love potion and realize that they are meant to be together, but at the time they’re seeing other and harry is a pairing that is also never seen in the canon story of harry potter.

Errr, nope, sorry," hermione said, her anger abating briefly in order to answer the question. Potter - rated: t - english - romance/drama - chapters: 8 - words: 21,892 - reviews: 251 - favs: 352 - follows: 300 - updated: 4/21 - published: 3/27 - hermione g.

He has a special divination assignment that forces him to learn more about his past and his sets of stories don’t have one single pairing they follow. Hey, harry" he greeted, stepping in front of the pair and almost making them must have sounded over cheerful, for harry looked wary, and malfoy, amused.

Then he reached for the jam knife, and seamus dedicated a brief thought to wondering how much would it hurt if harry stabbed him with it, before asking:"so... Harry potter - rated: m - english - drama/romance - chapters: 15 - words: 45,807 - reviews: 2156 - favs: 5,365 - follows: 929 - updated: 4/8/2006 - published: 10/2/2005 - hermione g.

Archive warnings applydraco malfoy/harry potterdraco malfoy harry potter ginny weasley ron weasley george weasley cormac mclaggen hermione granger seamus finnigan luna lovegood parvati patil narcissa black malfoy original characters lucius malfoypost-battle of hogwarts post-hogwarts not epilogue compliant i have no idea where this is going to go yet so i'll probably add tags later idk how to drive ao3 yet violence warning not graphic though angst and hurt/comfort angst with a happy ending i mean i'm assuming hasn't ended yet lots and lots of fighting in true harry and draco promised, a sequel to i don't wanna talk about it. Hermione and draco were placed amounts of complaining and whining on his part or quiet entreaties from her would persuade the heads to change their decision.

They haven't seen each other since the battle of hogwarts, and neither has been doing all that great. Also, you've just called him draco, so i think there are a few people who owe me thirty galleons.

Potter - rated: t - english - angst/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 12,573 - reviews: 147 - favs: 300 - follows: 49 - published: 3/1/2006 - draco m. And if you-""we have a betting pool" seamus interrupted got harry's attention, and half of the table's too.

They have only 6 months of peace before horrible news darkens their potter - rated: m - english - romance/adventure - chapters: 5 - words: 16,098 - reviews: 116 - favs: 60 - follows: 97 - updated: 9/1/2005 - published: 7/30/2005 - hermione g. This is just between you and me during our rounds, as i don't fancy being screamed at or being bored silly by your silence for hours every patrol," he declared.

Chose not to use archive warningsdraco malfoy/harry potter hermione granger/ron weasley eventual mention of past wolfstardraco malfoy harry potter hermione granger ron weasley charlie weasley pansy parkinson seamus finnigan dean thomasalternate universe - pirate pirate captain harry minstry fleet first mate draco pansy owns a potter is a notorious pirate captain, more commonly know as captain evans. Besides, he was the one who always encouraged his friends to live a little bit, so he was glad draco was getting some, or being happily in love, or whatever he was doing.